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Cannot see the wood for the trees? Sometimes, you will be so wrapped up in the day-to-day running of your business that you will not see the obvious solution. A fresh pair of eyes, in the form of an HR consultant, could help you to pick up on the things that you are missing.  If you need help with several aspects of HR management, then a general HR consultant can provide broad and varied knowledge. This might be particularly beneficial if your business is relatively new, and you do not yet have the knowledge (or in-house team) to deal with HR tasks, we can keep you legally compliant and stop those costly industrial tribunals.

We can also help with the following:

  1.   Help with Change
  2.   Run independent surveys and evaluations
  3.   Can save you time and money
  4.   Provide up to date information
  5.   Provide an outside perspective

When you recruit the services of QPR Solutions HR Consultancy, you benefit from the advice and knowledge of human resources professionals with years of experience.  We can provide tailored and specific HR information, covering topics such as recruitment, disciplinary issues, payroll and benefits, health and safety, and the law. We have valuable experience and expertise that you can call upon when it’s needed.  We can ease the burden and step in when in-house HR is busy. Your business will benefit from the expertise and experience of a Human Resource Consultant without the cost of paying a full-time salary.

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