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Is it time for a mindset revolution?

Stop surviving, start thriving

You know you could be doing better, but you’re not sure what is holding you back.

What is the view like from where you are standing? Is the path ahead clear or is it rather foggy? Do you feel like it’s tough going? Having a guide will make the journey simpler, faster and more rewarding.

Reduce stress, anxiety and self-doubt and increase self-understanding, coping strategies and enjoyment of life and work.

  • Feel like YOU are in control
  • Develop a tool box to manage your thoughts, emotions and impulses.
  • Get more out of yourself, your relationships, your business, your career and your life!

Evidence based coaching, making the invisible, visible, for lasting results.




Emotional Intelligence Assessment and 60 minute feedback session

Investment – £149

Perform at Your Best – 2.5 hours of coaching (online) and an emotional intelligence assessment

Investment – £249

Better Me (1:1 and schools programme) – helping teenagers develop their emotional intelligence and manage anxiety and stress

Investment – 1:1 programme – £129 or £229/month (minimum 3 month commitment) / Schools programme – bespoke

Master Your Mind (1:1) – for adults who feel there must be more to life

Investment – £250 or £500/month (total £1500)

Get Out of Your Own Way (1:1) – for small business owners who are holding themselves back

£300 or £600/month (total £1800)

Intuitive Leadership (1:1)/Intuitive Teams (group) – for business leaders and their teams who want to improve communication and performance

Investment – Intuitive Leadership – £350 or £700/month (total £2100) / Investment Intuitive Teams – bespoke


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Online programmes


Who am I?

​Vicky Henderson, career chameleon, globe trotter, fine wine and food lover, gardener, French speaker, bookworm, avid skier and hiker, personal development junkie and retired World Champion Mood Hoover!

Vicky is a Mindset Revolutionary and Emotional Intelligence Specialist. She is a multiple award-winning coach, mentor, trainer and speaker. Having spoken over 60 times in the last 3.5 years at networking events, business shows, schools, universities and conferences both live and online.

Ascend founder, Vicky Henderson, is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Coach and a Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner. She trained with internationally renowned business coach and trainer Daniel Tolson of the Tolson Institute.  Vicky achieved the status of Success Coach within the Tolson Institute in March 2019, one of only 5 in the world. Vicky is also a certified Navigational Conversations™ Coach.



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10% discount on all programmes and online products (for online products please contact me for the discount code)

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